Monthly Archives: November 2013

Social networking during work hours on the increase

November 22, 2013

More employees than ever before are spending a portion of their workday connecting to social networks according to the 2013 report “National Business Ethics Survey of Social Networkers: New Risks and Opportunities at Work”. The report found 72 percent of workers surveyed were spending some of their workday on social networks, with 20 percent of workers who said they put in an hour or more on personal social networks! More than half of the workers surveyed said they post information on their personal social network sites about work projects and comment on their company if it appears in the news. ...

EctoHR, Inc. Presents at the BBB of Eastern Michigan

November 13, 2013

Steve Williams, President of EctoHR Inc., will present "The Seven Deadly Sins of HR: A Focus on 2013 Employment Law" at the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan, from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m., Wednesday, November 20, in Southfield. Whether attendees are business owners or sales people, they are in the human resource business. In this fast-paced session, Steve will discuss seven of the biggest and most common HR mistakes that small businesses make that can impact their long-term success. From recruiting to benefit investments to terminations, this session will hit on timely and relevant topics for business owners and ...

Federal Contractors and Federal Subcontractors – Part 2

November 6, 2013

This is the second segment of a two-part article focusing on the responsibilities of federal contractors and federal subcontractors. You can read Part One of the article here. In this two-part article, EctoHR identifies “14 Common Problem Areas for Federal Contractors” that should be avoided to prevent the loss of a valuable government contract. Each article focuses on seven (7) different issues that a company can address to avoid a negative compliance review. Part Two of the article highlights the last seven of 14 Problem Areas: 8. Lack of an adequate EEO/Sexual Harassment Program. Make it known that you have ...