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Halloween at the Office

October 14, 2014

Halloween is meant to be a fun day, but for some employers it could be more frightening than fun when celebrated in the office. Employers ought to think twice about the inherent exposures to liability Halloween can create. Careful consideration should go into selecting a costume. Political, sexual, religious or potentially racial themes should be avoided. Poor costume selection can create a bad impression on managers and clients. Think before you decorate! Headstones and Grim Reapers would not be a welcome theme in a healthcare setting to clients. In the event of a claim, the employer, supervisor or manager who ...

Are You Successful?

October 8, 2014

Are You Successful? By Jerry Bricker Are you successful? How do you know? Did someone tell you? Your answer may well be that no one told you because you make your own decision about success, right? At least most people do. If you believe that you are successful, it is probably because you feel good about your life, vocation, and have met the goals most important and meaningful to you. The question is often asked: “How do you define success?” If you agree with what is written above, you subscribe to the following definition of success:  “Success is the continual ...