Monthly Archives: March 2016

Guidelines for Avoiding Email Battles

March 22, 2016

On a somewhat regular basis, EctoHR helps clients with employee relations challenges where the misuse of email or poor email etiquette has played a fairly significant role. While most professional jobs require near continuous use of email, very few people have ever had training or formal coaching on the appropriate use of email.   Through both client and personal experience, EctoHR has found that the following guidelines may help avoid the most common issues involving email communication. Email may not be the best means of communication for certain situations If an issue is sensitive or urgent, email is likely not the ...

The Importance of Utilizing Assessments in the Hiring Process

March 17, 2016

We all have felt the struggle of finding, hiring, and retaining top talent. Meeting these talent goals has become a hot topic in the employment market recently, with the pool of qualified candidates becoming harder and harder to maintain. How can we as employers ensure we are making the best possible hire for our Company? While there certainly is no magic formula or guarantee for a perfect hire every time, EctoHR, Inc. focuses on utilizing proven testing methods to improve its success rate. Two of the main assessments we use, HireSelect and Everything DiSC, offer a chance to dive deeper ...