Monthly Archives: August 2017

Aggression and Violence in the Workplace

August 28, 2017

Two million American workers fall victim to workplace aggression and violence every year and as a result, employers incur direct and indirect costs. Classifications of workplace aggression and violence include verbal and emotional abuse, threatening behavior, and physical assault, among other things. These incidents may begin small, but can escalate and lead to injuries or even death. Though physical violence, such as fighting or homicide, is infrequent compared to other forms of workplace aggression, every incident of workplace aggression should be taken seriously. As explained in “Behavior in Organizations” by Jerald Greenberg, the following are some more common examples of ...

Community Involvement Improves Employee Retention

August 21, 2017

Many companies focus on the "buzz" words that are often a focal point in business. Culture, employee engagement, talent management, and retention are just a few of the most important aspects of a productive, satisfied workforce. One of the most beneficial and often overlooked ways to improve each of these areas is to promote company-wide initiatives surrounding workplace community involvement. Encouraging volunteerism is a simple way to involve employees, both individually and as a team, in supporting a common goal. Perhaps due to an increasing presence of Millennials in the workforce, there is an added emphasis on social causes and ...