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Working (Too) Hard for the Money: The Negative Impacts of Excessive Overtime

October 16, 2019

Based on client and project needs or the seasonality of the business, many companies ask employees to work a considerable amount of overtime for sustained periods. This begs the question of whether excessive overtime creates a negative impact on productivity, quality and efficiency in the workplace. The experts say yes! Employers typically think when employees work overtime (over 40 hours in a work week) that more hours on the job correlates to more productivity. This is not always the case! According to Pennsylvania State University professors H. Randolph Thomas and Karl A. Raynor, a study of construction workers revealed that ...

Is now a good time to talk? Maintaining an Open Door Environment in the Workplace

October 14, 2019

An open door environment is more than a definition or policy outlined in an employee handbook.  It speaks to a culture that encourages all employees to approach members of management with questions or concerns, as well as suggestions or feedback.  An open door environment fosters transparency in the workplace and free flowing communication between employees and management.  Some of the benefits that come from having an open door environment are: Managers maintain an overall pulse on how their employees are feeling and how things are going.Deeper working relationships between managers and employees.Open flow of communication, both bottom-up and top-down, leading ...