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Are You Successful?

Are You Successful?

By Jerry Bricker

Are you successful? How do you know? Did someone tell you? Your answer may well be that no one told you because you make your own decision about success, right? At least most people do.

If you believe that you are successful, it is probably because you feel good about your life, vocation, and have met the goals most important and meaningful to you. The question is often asked: “How do you define success?”

If you agree with what is written above, you subscribe to the following definition of success:  “Success is the continual achievement of your own personal goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief.”  Even if you are part of a successful team or organization and define your success as playing your part in the team, you have measured your success in your own terms.

Many people want to know what leads to success. There is a formula for it, and it looks like this:

A(S+T+K) + Goals = PBC ⇒ Success (or Improved Results)

A – Attitude; S – Skills; T – Talent; K – Knowledge

PBC – Positive Behavioral Change

The application of your skills, talent and knowledge with the right attitude plus clear goals, will lead to positive behavioral change, which, in turn, will lead to success.

It is you who defines success and determines whether you are successful or not. Your attitude, belief in yourself and acceptance of who you are, are the most important factors.  If you set goals and fail, you can reset your goals, and with the right attitude, you can still be successful.

When a ship’s captain sets sail there is a destination in the sailing plan, but due to winds, currents and waves, the ship will go off course. It has been said that a ship is only on course about 5 percent of the trip but the final destination is almost always reached.

The captain applies skills, talent and knowledge along with a confident attitude that the ship will reach its ultimate destination in order to succeed at completing the sail. Being successful is a decision we all make because we have it within ourselves to be successful, no matter who we are.

Jerry Bricker is a Business and Leadership Coach with Aadvise Consulting, LLC. More information can be found at


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