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Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

In addition to all of the unique and tough challenges that 2020 & 2021 brought, it accelerated the rate of fully remote & hybrid work environments. More and more employees with office-based positions are working from home (or somewhere other than the office!) on a consistent basis. While we are sure to see some rebound back to more in-person work again, remote work is certainly here to stay. Every major study clearly indicates that at least 50% of office workers expect a more flexible work arrangement post-pandemic than before. How an employer responds to this shift, communicates its expectations for employees, and continues to build its culture in this new reality is likely one of the key differentiators in the war for talent.

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How EctoHR Supports Remote Workforces

  • Policy and Implementation Support
  • Best Practices for Team Engagement
  • Customized to Fit Company Culture

EctoHR takes a customized approach to supporting its clients as they implement both short and long-term hybrid work plans. Key areas of focus include ensuring that communication is proactive and frequent within teams and that expectations and boundaries are set and reinforced. The team at EctoHR relies on the totality of its experience in working with over 100+ current clients and 500 organizations in the last 15 years to help them balance the positives of the past with the benefits of the future. One thing we know for sure – remote/hybrid work is not a “one-size-fits-all” challenge – your culture and your business must be top of mind when strategizing your approach.

For help with implementing hybrid and remote work plans that make sense for your business, reach out to a member of the EctoHR team today.

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