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Proven HR Practices for an Industry Built on Its Employees

When a company has employees ranging from general laborers to highly specialized engineers, it requires dynamic human resources support. Factor in fluctuating market demands, rapidly changing technology and compliance requirements expanding by the day, and you have an industry that demands proven HR practices.

Since its inception, EctoHR has focused on the construction industry because it continues to be an employee-centric field. Employers compete heavily with one another for the top talent, always looking to recruit someone with proven experience, relationships and market knowledge in a given specialty.

EctoHR partners with construction companies on a variety of HR functions including benchmarking compensation and employee engagement against competitors, compliance-based audits and services, risk management consulting and the recruiting of top talent in the field.

EctoHR’s current client list includes companies working on projects across the United States and in a variety of specialties. Whether exclusively self-performing trade work or providing GC and CM services to various owners, construction industry clients can count on EctoHR to speak their language and know their business. Our team is committed to being the clear leader for HR consulting firms in the construction industry.

As the construction industry continues to change, EctoHR will expand its partnerships with proactive and growth-focused companies, helping strengthen their core product – their people.

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