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Helping to Solve the Shared Challenges of Professional Service Firms

Regardless of the specific industry, professional service firms share many of the same challenges. Their primary focus is creating and building relationships to ensure they become a trusted advisor to their clients. Whether it be an insurance agency, accounting firm, or architecture and engineering firm, the strength and professionalism of the team is what creates differentiation.

Because EctoHR’s business is so similar to these firms, EctoHR has been successful helping its clients with many of the same initiatives we have implemented with our own team. From building comprehensive professional development plans to protecting proprietary company and client data and trade secrets, the team at EctoHR is uniquely qualified to support these like-minded businesses.

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EctoHR Supports Many Professional Service Firms Including:

  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Insurance
  • IT & Tech Firms

Whether we are creating a handbook with policies customized to fit your culture, or facilitating a leadership training for your team, EctoHR is committed to Helping People & Companies Grow!

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An outsourced solution for the hiring process keeps a family-run real estate company focused and profitable.

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