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Amidst a true war for talent, the best employers take a long-term view toward team development and career planning. While the effort to recruit talented and experienced people from within your industry must always be there, the reality is that the most significant return on investment comes from resources focused on training and developing the team already in place.

According to a report published in the Harvard Business Review, emerging leaders indicated that training and development rated as one of the most important factors in feeling valued and supported by their employer. Most emerging leaders, however, rate their employers’ delivery of training and development as underwhelming and not meeting their expectations. The impact of this training gap goes beyond just developing the skills and abilities of the team. It permeates into corporate culture, leading to failed retention with the highest potential employees.

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The EctoHR Training Difference:

  • Practical and real-world based training, focused on the most common situations that leaders encounter
  • Modules and delivery that reinforces your culture and creates interactive, real-life scenarios for participants
  • Fully planned and facilitated – meaning less work for our clients to hold a successful training event

EctoHR delivers its training and development solutions through two primary methods:

  • Fully customized, client-specific training modules that are delivered at the client’s location (or virtually) with the client’s team
  • EctoHR’s Building Better Leaders workshops, which are offered annually in Brighton, MI. We facilitate both general industry and construction-specific BBL sessions each year


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