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From simple criminal records checks to complete reviews of employment, education, and references, EctoHR has the experience and systems to provide you with the records you need to make informed hiring decisions. Our pre-employment screening packages can be tailored to any industry and any position.

Let our HR professionals help you avoid costly hiring mistakes

While we leverage industry-leading technology and data sources, what sets EctoHR apart is our team of HR professionals. Our clients rely on our team of real people to provide real-world advice and information. As the demand for talent increases, many employers began taking short cuts during the recruiting process. Regardless of industry or position, it is always worth the investment in time and money for a background check. Across all positions, EctoHR identifies a potentially flagged criminal, employment or education result on approximately 6.5% of all background checks. And while less than 1% of these reports result in adverse action where a client makes the decision not to hire, the benefits and savings far outweigh the expense from avoiding those costly hiring mistakes.

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The EctoHR Background Check Difference:

  • Custom packages/solutions to fit specific needs
  • Industry leading technology for the highest level of security and privacy
  • User friendly electronic process for quicker turnaround times

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