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Unlike other companies, EctoHR is neither temp agency nor headhunter. We recruit directly on behalf of our clients as if we are part of their internal organization. EctoHR works to create a customized recruiting plan to meet each client’s individual requirements. We flourish in our ability to match required skills and abilities with a culture fit, all while remaining within the constraints of the budgeted compensation range.

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The EctoHR Recruiting Difference:

  • Full-Cycle Recruiting
  • Sourcing Only
  • Recruiting Audit
  • Executive Search

Key Differentiators between EctoHR and Traditional Recruiting Firms

EctoHR provides recruiting services on an hourly fee basis, with a project-based cap, so you know you will never exceed your recruiting budget. Typical industry charges are 20-30% of first year salary, with the contingency fee model leading to recruiters pushing sub-par candidates onto their “clients” just to generate a fee. EctoHR’s average fee across all positions is just over 15%. With our pricing structure, we’re not motivated to put just any warm body in a seat to earn our fee. Additionally, we never recruit for competing businesses for similar positions at the same time.

For Organizations with In-House Recruiting

EctoHR provides support for tough-to-fill positions and acts as another avenue to find qualified candidates. EctoHR also offers a Recruiting Audit, where our expert team analyzes your processes and approach for acquiring and retaining top talent.

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