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Bullies lurk in work environments as well as schools

Some people never left middle-school. You may spot them at your company trying to control or manipulate others by:
– Slander, name calling, teasing
– Yelling, aggression, physical assaults, threats or intimidation
– Comments about appearance or lifestyle.
– Unfair criticism, ignoring, gossiping
– Unreasonable or menial work assignments

Bullying on the job must be dealt with professionally and quickly. Bullying can come from anyone connected to your company. It can happen in person or via e-mail, mobile devices or Internet chat rooms and web sites. It may not fit the traditional concept of gender or race harassment, but it is disruptive to the work environment just the same. Bullying behavior should be identified and banned in order to provide a safe workplace.

With the increase in Social Media, employees are often connected both inside and outside of the work place. This can have significant positive effects on the team environment, but can also be of significant concern. For example, while comments or bullying may be done outside of work on Facebook or Twitter, it still has a huge impact on team morale and may fall into the “Hostile Work Environment” category.

In cases where there is alleged or suspected bullying, management must address it directly and professionally. This means that managers and their HR representative should investigate and take appropriate action within 24 hours of receiving a complaint or learning of potential workplace bullying. Waiting to see what happens or “letting it play out” are not solutions to a serious problem. What will end up happening is unwanted turnover as a best case scenario and workplace violence as a worst case scenario.

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