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Client Spotlight – C.A. Hull Co., Inc.

For 60 years, C.A. Hull Co., Inc. has built its sterling reputation and grown into a multi-dimensional Company with expertise in bridges, concrete, heavy-highway, earthwork, and painting. C.A. Hull excels in delivering the most complex and expedited projects in the heavy-highway and civil construction industries.

EctoHR, Inc. has proudly worked with C.A. Hull since 2010, providing guidance in HR strategy, recruiting and general HR functions. Creating strong relationships with the whole team at C.A. Hull has allowed EctoHR to refine its approach to working with the Company and have a more significant impact overall.

One example of this valued relationship dates back to 2014 when EctoHR assisted in the hiring of Mark Doolin. Mark was hired as a Project Engineer and shared the following thoughts when asked about his hiring experience with EctoHR and C.A. Hull:

“It wasn’t a typical interview. Colleen, Steve and the C.A. Hull team took the time to really get to know me and help determine what role would be the best fit for me. I never felt pressured into a decision or a role and enjoyed the conversational nature of the process.”

Since his hire, Mark has grown to love the Company, the team and the industry. He has provided crucial contributions to various project types and scopes of work, from bridge coating to false decking. Through mentorship, project exposure and a commitment to personal development, Mark earned a promotion to Project Manager.

Mark further added that “The thing I like most about working at C.A. Hull is being able to learn, grow and work with a great team. I think C.A. Hull has built an impressive, talented group of people. Everyone is a go-getter; and I think it would prove difficult to find another team like ours.”

Stories of engaged and successful employees like Mark are what keep the team at EctoHR motivated. EctoHR is committed to a recruitment process that allows clients and candidates to build a true understanding of the goals for each party, and ultimately determine if there is a long-term fit.

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