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Client Spotlight – Fessler & Bowman, Inc.

From its humble roots as a small residential flatwork and basement wall contractor, Fessler and Bowman, Inc. has grown into a nationally-recognized, top 100 Commercial Concrete Contractor. This growth has enabled Fessler and Bowman to expand and open two additional locations in Bossier City, LA and Charlotte, NC. EctoHR, Inc. began its partnership with Fessler and Bowman in 2013 and has worked closely with the team to support the Human Resource functions as well as assist with the Company’s national recruiting efforts.

EctoHR recently assisted Fessler and Bowman with hiring Cody Zulkowski, a Project Manager, in the Bossier City, LA location. When asked about the recruiting process with EctoHR and Fessler and Bowman, Cody responded:

“I have been working with Fessler and Bowman for a little over two months now and it has been nothing short of amazing. Working in the construction industry can be a trying and challenging task, but with challenges and demanding schedules comes rewards and personal satisfaction. When I first began talking with EctoHR and Fessler and Bowman, I knew I had found my home. From initial talks with the EctoHR team to the final steps of the hiring process, the folks at EctoHR were a joy to work with. Steve and his crew are experts in their field, and have the perfect balance of professionalism and understanding. Working with Fessler and Bowman has been a blessing thus far, and I see a long future ahead of me with this great family of co-workers. I owe a great bit of thanks to EctoHR and F&B for their great teamwork and solid foundations”

EctoHR takes pride in matching candidates with clients’ needs to ensure a long-term fit. Not only should a candidate be a match for the position itself, but candidates should be the right culture fit to ensure employee and company satisfaction, which in return will increase employee retention.

To learn more about how EctoHR supports its clients’ recruiting efforts, including hiring for positions in other states, please reach out to a team member at or (810) 534-0170.

To learn more about Fessler & Bowman, Inc. and its concrete and earthwork specialties, go to

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