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Client Spotlight – SW North America

Since 2012, SW North America (SWNA) has been growing its manufacturing presence in the North American markets. Specializing in multi-spindle, high-precision machining centers to produce components for vehicle powertrain and mechanical and precision engineering, the Company has become an industry leader in not only providing energy-efficient machines, but also superior customer service. SW North America has created a niche for providing customers with innovative technology along with a customized, personable approach to business.

EctoHR, Inc. has had the privilege of providing strategic HR services to SWNA for the past two years. In support of the Company’s goals of growth and expansion, EctoHR has helped the Company essentially double its workforce in this time, as well as assisted to develop internal processes and procedures. EctoHR understands that with any amount of growth it is important to maintain and strengthen a Company’s culture.

One example of EctoHR, Inc. helping maintain SWNA’s stellar culture is the implementation of a new onboarding and training program. EctoHR, Inc. achieved this goal alongside Eileen Fries, Marketing Manager, and William Wood, Director of Quality and Safety, at SWNA. It is the Company’s goal to facilitate, teach and strengthen the culture of the Company starting with an employee’s first day. To accomplish this goal, the program strives to make sure new employees feel welcome, valued, and fully educated on their role within the Company.

One of SWNA’s newest additions, Daniel Badalamenti, completed the improved onboarding program on his first day as a Mechanical Designer. Daniel had the following feedback when asked about his onboarding at SWNA:

“I was impressed with the idea of having a scheduled first day itinerary. Everyone was prepared for my arrival and all the necessary paperwork was ready as scheduled. My initial interview was a few months before my actual hire date, so Colleen and Erica stayed in contact with me letting me know that the company was still interested. They did a good job finding the right fit and I was able to move into my new position relatively seamlessly.”

Through proactive communication and a genuine interest in an employee’s future aspirations, EctoHR, Inc. and SWNA work hard to provide a positive experience for new hires. Take it from Joshua Ahrens, another recent new hire at SWNA:

“The process went very smooth for me. The communication was excellent and my interview went much better than I could have hoped for. I was happy to hear they wanted to know what I hoped to get out of the position, and it surprised me that they wanted to know about my family and what my plans for the future were.” Joshua further added “My first day at SWNA was by far the best first day I have had at any job. Everyone was very friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there.”

It is EctoHR, Inc.’s goal to ensure new hires for all clients have a positive experience through the hiring process and a seamless transition into their new position, just like Daniel and Joshua. From the candidate’s initial interview to their first day, EctoHR strives to find the right fit for not only the Company, but for the candidate as well.

To learn more about how EctoHR supports its clients’ needs and facilitates growth, reach out to an HR Professional at or 810-534-0170. To learn more about SW North America and its growing market, please click here!

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