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Combatting the Construction Craft Labor Shortage

As the construction industry and the city of Detroit continue to rebound, local construction companies are seeing a steady stream of increasing work. With this increase, the shortage of skilled labor has become more apparent than ever. With companies facing the possibility of having to turn away work due to lack of manpower, the question remains: How can companies attract the best talent in a shrinking labor pool?


  • Target Developing Talent: Over the last decade, the number of people entering the construction field has decreased due to industry image and tough working conditions. Many companies are pairing up with local schools to identify young talent and engage those individuals early on in their career. School visits and mentorship programs have proven to be successful in showing students the potential within the industry and securing top talent as they enter the workforce.
  • Shout Your Company from the Rooftops: As almost all companies in the industry are hiring and looking for quality talent, making a name is essential. People want to go work somewhere that has a strong culture, competitive pay, potential for growth, engaged employees, etc. Highlighting and being vocal about what makes a company great to work for is one of the strongest ways to get interest from potential employees.
  • Get Creative: Recruiting has changed significantly over the last few years and is no longer based on traditional job boards and postings. Companies can no longer sit and wait for resumes to come in or people to come knocking. Networking, referrals, and passive candidate searches have become the new norm. Thinking outside the box on where the talent is and how one can get to it is the new way to attract the best candidates on the market.
  • Recruit Year-Round: Searching for skilled labor should be a focus year-round, as opposed to the spring when every other company in the industry is looking. Starting the search early is a great way to secure the skilled workers that are laid off before the hiring rush begins.


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