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Companies tap social media for emergency communications

Social media apps, such as Facebook or Twitter, have proven to be useful HR tools for recruiting and employee engagement. Experts also highlight their usefulness for communicating to an internal (or external) audience during a crisis.

Reach Them
More and more employees use social media as their first choice for communication. It makes sense then for employers to use these channels to get crucial (and potentially lifesaving) information out to employees. Internal avenues such as intranets, email platforms or phone systems should be part of crisis communication, but may go down or become overburdened during emergencies. Utilizing social media for mobile devices and computers can reach employees faster and avoid bogging down the company system in a crisis.

Squash rumors
During an emergency, whether it be workplace or weather related, employees want to know what is going on – immediately! Questions, concerns and updates come swiftly – and so do rumors. Social media may get the message out and answer questions promptly as they come in. A company-controlled website and blog will separate facts from the fiction that normally bubbles to the surface during chaotic times.

Start Planning Now
The process of setting up a social media emergency message system involves more than getting everyone on Facebook or Twitter, and is just one step in the larger crisis planning process. Policies and training plans need to be implemented to prepare everyone for an inevitable emergency.

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