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EctoHR is happy to announce our partnership with HireSelect, a leading provider of pre-employment assessments

Criteria Corp. was established in 2006 and has rapidly established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the talent management division. HireSelect is a part of the Criteria Corp. family and is the top pre-employment service on the internet. This product allows organizations to better manage potential employees by providing state-of-the-art assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the employee selection and retention process.

This tool allows EctoHR to administer unlimited candidate assessments on behalf of our clients at no additional cost. These assessments enable us to examine a candidate’s skill set more efficiently and earlier in the recruitment process while providing immediate results. HireSelect gives us the ability to create custom assessments for each position, and includes tests to evaluate multiple facets of candidacy, including aptitude, personality, and computer skills!

If you would like to learn more about HireSelect Assessments, please contact one of our team members at 810.534.0170 or


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