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EctoHR’s Colleen Richards receives recruiting certification

Colleen Richards, a Human Resource Generalist at EctoHR, Inc., is now a Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter!

As an officially recognized Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter through the LEAN Human Capital, LLC group, Colleen will put to task this invaluable education to create and maintain a proactive and efficient hiring strategy for clients. Colleen’s training included techniques to:
• Dramatically reduce time-to-fill and vacancy rates.
• Improve quality and customer satisfaction.
• Reduce cost and waste associated with an inefficient recruitment function.
LEAN’s Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution provides students with “Best-in-Class” recruitment training methodologies, tools and techniques required to deliver a lean, just-in-time recruitment solution, and create a culture passionate about lifelong learning.

“I think both EctoHR and its clients will benefit from Colleen’s continued commitment to learning and developing as an HR professional and recruiter and this certification is recognition of her commitment,” said EctoHR, Inc. President Steve Williams.

Colleen was happy for the opportunity to learn from experienced and successful recruiters.

“The training has given me a chance to bring newly acquired techniques to the table when working with clients,”she said. “I think it will not only lead to finding a greater quality of talent, but will reassure our clients that we are using the best possible practices to find the perfect fit for their organization.”

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