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Five Resume Tips To Get You Hired

When you apply for a job, your resume is the crucial item that helps get a foot in the door. A recruiter spends an average of six to 10 seconds reviewing each resume. Do you really want to waste one of those valuable seconds with a single word that does not add to your value?

Below are five tips from the staff at EctoHR, Inc. to help enhance your resume and get you noticed by potential employers:


  1. Start with a strong summary. Use the top of the page to concisely communicate the experience and skills that make you a suitable fit for the position for which you are applying. This section does not need to be a short-hand copy of your experience, but should provide specific details of your achievements.


  1. Emphasize the specific position for which you are applying. Look over the job description in detail and determine how your skills match the qualifications required. Once you match your skills to those credentials, emphasize those details in the summary of your work experience.


  1. Do not just list work history. What is more significant than how many years you have been in a positon is what you have achieved during that time. Accomplishments are what separate the top candidates from those who do not make the final cut. Be sure to list major events and save small ones for talking points during a phone interview.


  1. Avoid excessively long text. Your resume should be easy to look at. List your accomplishments in bullets rather than paragraphs to improve the chances of catching the recruiter’s eye. Simple and clean is the favored look.


  1. Proofread your work. A second set of eyes on your resume is necessary before you submit it. Errors such as a misspelling, typo or a grammatical mistake communicate that you are not observant to detail and could cause a hiring manager to toss your resume even if you are a great fit for the position.


In today’s employment market, finding a competitive edge is a pertinent part of the hiring process. Utilizing these five helpful tips is a quick and simple way to ensure your resume is getting a second look.

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