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Hiring underage employees for the summer? Be aware!

High schools are winding down for the summer break and soon your company will have students at your door with employment applications in their hands. This is a great opportunity to mentor a young person in the working world while picking up a few temporary employees.

To ensure that both you and the young worker honor the requirements and guidelines for workers under 16, be knowledgeable of the following:

  1. Minors under 16 shall not be employed for more than 6 days in 1 week, nor for a period longer than a weekly average of 8 hours per day or 48 hours in 1 week. Additionally, workers under 16 shall not work more than 10 hours in 1 day.
  2. Minors under 16 shall not be employed during the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  3. Minors under 16 shall not be employed more than a combined school and work week of 48 hours during the period when school is in session.
  4. Any minor shall not be employed for more than 5 continuous hours without a rest break of at least 30 minutes. Less than 30 minutes is not an interruption to continuous work. Please note that the rest period of 30 minutes or more does not have to be paid by the employer.

For more detailed information, click on the following link:

Have an enjoyable and profitable summer!

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