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Retain talent starting with their first day as an employee

Your new hire made a great impression on the company recruiter. Now it’s the company’s turn to make a great impression on the new hire.

Attracting talent and getting them up to speed in a timely manner impresses upon the new hire that they are valued – a key ingredient for fostering productivity and retaining talent.

Onboarding Basics
Your company’s new employee orientation should be more than a day of filling out paperwork and a “welcome to the company” lunch.
• Put your company website to work. When possible have the new employee fill out the necessary forms on line before their first day. Assign a temp login for the new hire so the information can be taken care of before the first meeting. Or send and receive the forms by email before the first day.

• Give the new hire a start date and time. Designate a mentor to meet them at the door and take them on a tour. Have their ID badge/security information ready to process.

• Have a spot for the new hire to call his or her own, even if it’s just temporary. Whether it is a desk, locker or office, nothing says welcome like their own personal space waiting for them.

• Have as much ready on the first day as possible, such as logins, passwords, phone, keys, timecards, parking lot pass, employee manual, company information, and security badge/clearance. Basic office supplies, if required for the job, would be a welcome addition.

• Introduce a new employee to the corporate ‘family tree’. Whether on line or on paper, have the new hire become familiar with the names and faces associated with the difference positions in the company. This may head off the new employee asking the CEO to send a fax or make a pot of coffee!

• Explain the company culture. Is there a softball team in the summer? Dodge ball in the parking lot on noon every Tuesday? Casual Friday? Community action groups? Again, this information can be on an intranet site to which they can be directed.

Remember when you were the new employee at the company? What made you feel welcome and ready to start contributing to the company? What would have made your ramp-up time easier, faster, and more productive? Ask someone who was hired last year what would have made their experience better. A good onboarding procedure can reflect the value a company’s place in their employees.

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