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Spend $50 Up Front to Save $50,000 Later!

One of the most important business decisions a Company can make is to hire the right person for a vacant position. Companies must carefully weigh a candidate’s experience, skills, abilities, education, and personality to help determine whether or not he or she is not only qualified, but also the right culture fit for the organization.  Even when the stars seem to align, there are those times where a seemingly ideal candidate proves to be a problem employee down the line. One easy-to-implement and critical tool that supports hiring the right person and helps avoid a potential disaster is a pre-employment background check.

There are substantial monetary impacts of hiring the wrong person, some of which include:

  • Reduced client satisfaction or missed opportunities due to not having the right person in place
  • Decreased team efficiency based on extra time and energy being invested into a non-productive asset
  • Time and money wasted on salary, benefits, training, and the subsequent cost for replacing the underperforming employee

The Benefits of a Pre-Employment Background Check

Background checks provide additional sources of information related to a candidate’s personal history, including criminal history, traffic violations, previous employment and education. While minor issues may be one-time “blips” or challenges a candidate faced at a certain point in his or her life, repeated or recurring issues and themes are great predictors for future issues.

Below are just a few examples of how a background check helps companies identify the right people:

  • An in-depth background check can identify and avoid candidates with a history of criminal offenses.
    • Employees with serious criminal backgrounds may be more likely to commit workplace crimes, including violence and theft.
  • Background checks can verify the previous employment and education of an applicant.
    • This added layer of protection can identify applicants who have lied about their work or education history.
  • Reference checks help identify consistent themes (both positive and negative) from former bosses and coworkers
    • Not all references must come directly from the candidate! Provided the candidate authorizes a background check using a release form, a potential employer can and likely should call prior places of employment to try to get information related to work performance, core value alignment, and eligibility for re-hire.

Regardless of the nature of the business or position, the benefits of a pre-employment background check always outweigh the costs. With a cost typically in the $40-75 range, an employer is investing the equivalent of 2-3 hours of the employee’s wage into an additional safeguard against making a bad hiring decision.

EctoHR, Inc. currently conducts detailed background checks for over 50 of our clients. If you have questions, or if your company is interested in learning more about the background check process, please contact an EctoHR team member by calling 810-534-0170, or by email at!

We believe so strongly in pre-employment background checks that we will run one for free for any current client that is not currently utilizing this service – no strings attached!

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