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The once and (possible) future employee

With spring and summer approaching, seasonal hiring will become a hot topic for many employers. A seasonal employee’s time with your company may be brief, but their impact could be long-lasting. Seasonal employees interact directly with your customers, handle cash, company equipment, and sensitive data, and can change the dynamics of a team overnight.

Keep these 5 tips in mind as you add to your workforce this season.

1. Collect referrals from your current employees. This can be one of the quickest and least costly ways to attract talent.

2. Maintain a relationship with a local university or college. If you do not have University relationships, let us help you establish them!

3. Conduct group interviews to save time while screening multiple candidates. This effective method gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how candidates interact with other people. (Christy Conn conducted tons of these at Macy’s and will share more tips if you contact her at 810.534.0170 or email Christy@

4. Plan to maintain contact with the top performers after the season, even if you do not have an open position in the short term. Seasonal employees can be a great pool for future hiring.

5. Avoid “warm body syndrome.” Follow your standard, formal hiring process, including background checks. Your seasonal hire could be your next Vice President… or a felony waiting to happen!

EctoHR, Inc. can help your company with the seasonal hiring, from job posting on the EctoHR website to interviews and background checks. Contact EctoHR at 810.534.0170, or send an email to

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