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The Recruiting Game is Rigged

Let’s be honest – the recruiting game is rigged.

Instead of a focus on delivering quality candidates, the recruiting game often rewards those who quickly place candidates at all costs. Contingent recruiters operate in an environment that rewards ignoring candidate red flags or skipping typical steps in the recruiting process in order to make a quick placement. In this relationship, hiring managers only hear the positive information about a candidate, with any concerns omitted.

There are some upsides to contingent recruiters. Clients only pay if a hire is made and at times, positions can be filled quickly. At the same time, the costs typically run 25% of first year income, leading to high fees and a potential lack of alignment with the client’s compensation structure.

In the current labor market, it is imperative to find the right fit for your organization. Consider the alternative, where time-to-fill priorities are paired with retention-based measurables. By putting an emphasis on quality and culture fit, the result is less turnover and ultimately a reduced need for external talent assistance. As someone once said, “you can do it right, or you can do it twice”, and with talent being at a premium, finding the best hire must outweigh finding the fastest hire.

So, how do we change the game? EctoHR supports internal recruiting efforts as a primary option, as well as partnering with an organization, like ours, that structures its recruiting services in a way that better aligns the goals of the client with the recruiting firm. Making sure your recruitment team, whether internal or external, focuses on quality and candidate fit, first and foremost. Anything that creates an incentive to hire a candidate that is not a good fit for the position likely undermines your opportunities for a successful outcome, in a process that is already challenging.

Key Differences with EctoHR and other non-contingent recruiting firms vs contingent recruiters:

  • Recruiting services are typically provided on an hourly fee basis, with a project-based cap that is designed for transparency.
  • Full-cycle recruitment participation ensures EctoHR identifies a quality hire based on skills and experience, but also emphasizes a good cultural fit for the organization.
  • Honest, unbiased opinions on candidates allow companies to see the highlights or concerns for each candidate.
  • The recruiter should really understand the organizational culture, position responsibilities, and how/why employees are successful.
  • Your recruiting partner should feel like an extension of your organization, vs. just a service provider that sends you pieces of paper (resumes) and encourages you to make fast decisions.

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