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The Value of Implementing an EEO/Ethics Anonymous Tips Hotline

With recent crackdowns by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) for those that are Federal Contractors, many companies are now scrambling to ensure they are in compliance before, or even while, audits occur. One of the least expensive and most efficient ways to support compliance efforts is to implement an EEO & Ethics Hotline for employees to use.

How it Works
Companies utilize a third party to monitor the hotline and voice mailbox, ensuring confidentiality for anyone who chooses to remain anonymous. By distributing and publishing the phone number to a variety of parties, including all employees, people gain an outlet to report any issues or concerns regarding safety, harassment, EEO complaints, ethics concerns, etc. Upper management is informed of any messages or tips that come in via the hotline and appropriate action can be taken from there.

The Benefits
Implementing a hotline has many positive effects:
• Easy to set-up and monitor
• Low cost to your company
• Available 24/7/365
• The number can be published to a wide variety of stakeholders, from employees to customers to the general public. While the purpose of the hotline may vary by type of party, one number and one monitoring system can be implemented for everyone.
• Provides an opportunity for reporting in cases where individuals may not otherwise report things due to concerns with confidentiality and potential negative consequences/repercussions
• Helps to maintain compliance with both the EEOC and OFCCP

With restrictions and guidelines continually increasing, it’s important that businesses take action to demonstrate that compliance is a priority. EctoHR’s clients have found significant value and great success with the implementation of this type of service and find that employees appreciate an alternate communication method for reporting issues openly and without fear of negative repercussions.

How to Implement
EctoHR, Inc. currently maintains an EEO/Ethics Hotline for a number of clients. If your company is interested in learning more about implementing your own hotline, please contact Colleen Richards at colleen@ or 810.534.0170.

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