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Employers Should Hire More Interns

Aside from providing employers the opportunity to have a trained and experienced pipeline of future full-time employees, an internship program provides a wide range of benefits to employers. Hiring students can alleviate workloads during busy periods, help an organization tackle projects that often get moved to the back burner, strengthen employee relationships and energize the team. With a new (and often younger) teammate comes a new perspective to help solve problems and generate different ideas which contributes to the overall productivity of the company. From the students’ perspective, they have the opportunity to gain real-world experience before starting their careers. For both students and employers, internship programs a true win-win.

EctoHR’s internal experience reinforces that employers should not restrict their internship program to students pursuing a degree in the exact field in which the Company operates. For example, many construction companies focus their intern programs exclusively on students that study Construction Management or Civil Engineering and for whom Project Management or Estimating is the most likely career path. Widening the scope of the internship program only serves to further benefit the organization as a whole.

For 2018, EctoHR is excited to welcome back Justin Matuszewski for his second year as an intern with the team. Justin is heading into his second year at DePaul University, where he is pursuing accounting and finance on his way to earning his CPA. Justin’s paid internship involves hands-on processing of payroll, accounts payable, setting up budgets, and miscellaneous accounting work. Additionally, Justin is tasked with documenting each process he learns and works on, which allows EctoHR to further develop its own Operations Manual. This is something that often gets pushed off due to other work demands!

Although Justin’s major is outside of human resources, EctoHR still benefits from his strengths in accounting, technology, and his positive energy. Justin’s contribution to the company goes beyond the work he takes off the employee’s hands, as he takes to each opportunity with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. This personal example proves that a successful internship program can energize a team and keep the workplace fresh throughout the year.

Although hiring an intern may cause hesitation as managers get focused on the time required to train and coach a temporary employee, the long-term benefits certainly outweigh the time and financial investment.  For help starting an internship program, call the HR professionals at EctoHR at 810-534-0170.

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