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Halloween at the Office

Halloween is meant to be a fun day, but for some employers it could be more frightening than fun when celebrated in the office. Employers ought to think twice about the inherent exposures to liability Halloween can create.

  • Careful consideration should go into selecting a costume. Political, sexual, religious or potentially racial themes should be avoided.
  • Poor costume selection can create a bad impression on managers and clients.
  • Think before you decorate! Headstones and Grim Reapers would not be a welcome theme in a healthcare setting to clients.
  • In the event of a claim, the employer, supervisor or manager who approved or participated in any misbehavior can be named as individual respondents along with the corporate employer.

If after giving it careful consideration, an employer still wishes to allow Halloween costumes in the office; clear expectations should be communicated to all employees.

Enjoy the positive spirit of the Halloween holiday by implementing good judgment and common sense if you choose to come to work in costume, decorate the office, or host a party.


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