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The Power of Giving Back: Employer Benefits of Workplace Community Involvement

Catered lunches, ping pong tables, massage chairs and gym memberships tend to receive the most attention when it comes to creating high retention rates and a fun, cohesive work environment. However, one of the most overlooked ways to build a strong company culture is to provide opportunities for employees to engage in community service.

A study conducted by Deloitte found that an overwhelming 89% of employees think organizations that support or fund volunteer opportunities offer a better overall working environment*. While companies may shy away from touting their involvement in the community, EctoHR recommends building volunteerism into the fabric of the company. Below are key benefits employers experience when they promote community involvement in the workplace.

  • Team Building Opportunities – Giving employees the opportunity to get out of the office and become involved in their local community is a unique way to build and strengthen internal teams. With a common goal, employees are more inclined to work together and share their individual skills and knowledge to benefit the community.
  • Create Long-Term Employees (and Attract New Ones!) – Community involvement should be used as a recruiting and retention tool, especially for the growing Millennial population. The increased presence of Millennials in the workforce creates an emphasis on social causes and what companies are doing to support them.   
  • Strengthen, or Create, a Strong Company Culture – Companies that encourage volunteerism and community involvement give employees the opportunity to live and breathe the Company’s culture. EctoHR recommends finding a volunteer opportunity or cause that matters to most of the employees to provoke optimum interest and involvement.
  • Gain Connections in the Community – When given the opportunity to get out in the community, employees are able to grow and expand their personal and professional networks. Volunteerism also creates the opportunity to showcase and share how a company made a difference in the community and leads to strong customer loyalty.    

It’s never too late (or too early!) to start volunteer initiatives in the workplace. Volunteerism not only benefits the community in which a company belongs, but clearly benefits the Company itself. For help developing a volunteer initiative, or for more information on community outreach benefits, reach out to an HR professional at or 810-534-0170.   


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